Things I didn’t know about breastfeeding
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I don’t know about you, but I always thought breastfeeding was going to be super duper easy, natural, and instinctual. Otherwise, how would a baby survive, right? Well, turns out, I was wrong. I’ve been very lucky to have nurses from the postpartum center come every two hours to check up on me and the baby. Each nurses is basically a lactation consultant and will teach me how to hold the baby properly, how to make sure he latches correctly, the different ways to breastfeed, express milk with my hand, and pump, etc. I’ve learned a lot and I’m sure there’s plenty more to learn. Here’s a few things I’ve discovered and wanted to share with y’all:
不知道妳是不是和我一樣, 我真的以為餵母奶是很件很簡單很自然且直覺性的事,不然一個寶寶怎麼生存?!其實,我錯了,我真的錯了。親餵一點都不簡單,不是馬上就自然知道怎麼做的事!幸好我們這幾個禮拜都在 大葉產後護理之家 ,有護理師每兩個小時過來看看我跟寶寶。每一位護理師基本上都是哺乳顧問,一直教我正確的姿勢,確認Egan用對的方式含住乳頭,教我不同的餵小孩角度跟姿勢,如何擠奶出來,等等⋯⋯我真的發現有很多要學。雖然我還在學習, 但是我想鼓勵親餵的媽咪們然後跟你們分享我學到的一些小東西,希望也可以幫助到妳們,也同時給妳們一點力量,不要放棄!

1. Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories per day! WHO HOO!! Bye bye baby belly!!

2. Your nipples have anywhere between 10-20 holes where breast milk comes out of. So, get your squirt on.

3. There are 3 basic ways of breastfeeding: cradle, football and lying down. It all sounds easier than it is. I can’t imagine doing this with TWINS!

4. At first, breastfeeding IS PAINFUL. It’s not all the glamor and motherly love that you see in some instagram photos. Sorry. There will be times when your baby wants to feed and you literally want to cry. You may dread feeding your baby because you know the pain that you will be in.

5. Your nipples will go through hell. And hopefully come back. But until then, they will be in hell. (It kind of feels like getting little paper cuts on your nipples. Continuously for about 30 minutes and then again every 2-3 hours) The first latch of each feeding session will make you want to cry and then you eventually get used to the pain. But that initial latch… OMG!
妳的奶頭會去一趟地獄,然後期望它會回來。但是還沒有回來之前,它會在地獄。(這種痛有一點像妳拿著一張紙,然後一直不斷用紙的邊邊割妳的奶頭,每2-3個小時,一直割30分鐘) 每次寶寶剛含上去的時候,真的會很想死。但是不用怕!慢慢的妳的奶頭會習慣。可憐的奶頭。我下輩子真的要好好的對待我的奶頭們。

6. It’s ok to walk around naked with your boobs hanging out for the first month. It helps with the pain.
妳如果想要脫光光走來走去,沒有關係。妳的奶頭真的會感謝妳的。我到現在還是不太想穿衣服。 奇怪,George也是不太喜歡穿衣服. Hmmm….

7. You will leak. Everywhere. There will be milk everywhere…. On your bed, pillow, clothes, baby’s face, husband’s face, floor, couch, etc.
妳會流出來。到處流。 那裡都會有母奶。妳的床、枕頭、衣服、寶寶的臉、老公的臉、地板、沙發等。

8. You will lactate when your baby cries. Apparently when other babies cry too but we haven’t tried out this theory yet.
妳的寶寶在哭的時候,很神奇的妳自己會出母乳(乳汁會噴出)。聽說只要有任何的寶寶哭,妳的胸部都會有反應。 我們很想試試這個理論看看。George也一直在哭著要我的奶頭,但是我沒有反應。

9. In the first few days/weeks, you will get soooo much satisfaction out of squeezing out a few cc’s of milk. EVERY drop is precious and if you spill some milk you’ll want to smack whoever came up with the saying “there’s no use crying over spilt milk”. Don’t feel discouraged if you only have a drop or two the first few days. And DON’T FREAK OUT if your baby is losing weight. It’s all natural and part of the process, but definitely listen to your doctor, and in the end, if your baby is losing too much weight and you need to give it a bit of extra formula, don’t blame yourself and don’t feel bad! There’s nothing wrong with you.
前面幾天、幾週,妳如果可以擠出幾滴母乳出來,會很有成就感。每一滴都非常的珍貴。如果有任何的人不小心的打翻妳的母乳,妳會想把他打個巴掌!但,如果妳前面只有一點點奶,不要難過,千萬不要覺得妳的小孩體重掉了是妳的錯。剛剛生出來的baby的體重都會下降,這個很正常(還好護士們有跟我們說不然我們真的會驚慌失措!)。 聽聽妳的醫生的建議,然後如果妳後來需要給他一點配方奶,沒有問題!不要有挫折感,妳沒有問題的。加油!

10. When you get your first “squirt” of milk, you will feel this sense of accomplishment you’ve never thought you could feel from…squirting

11. Your breasts will engorge and swell up to the point where it’s almost painful. There will be pockets of milk “rocks” in your boobs that you have to massage and squeeze out to prevent mastitis. Do it. Don’t get lazy. Your boobs will thank you for it.

12. That “electricity going through your nipple” feeling is NORMAL! It’s your breast producing more milk and it’s in tune with your baby. You tend to feel that electricity (and start leaking) when your baby is about to wake up or when he’s hungry. Nature is AMAZING!
有時候有一種電流的感覺(奶震)是正常的。這個是妳的乳腺在補充母奶。 最奇妙的是那個奶震和妳的寶寶是有感應的。他餓的時候,妳的電流就會來,然後母奶就會來了。真的很奇妙!我自己也發現差不多要餵他的時候,我就會開始滴奶!

13. You will feel like a cow. Not a cute fluffy petting zoo cow, but a big, leaky, sedentary cow. And it feels like you’re feeding your child ALL. THE. TIME. No break. No rest. No end to it. Just a continuous, repetitive, monotonous cycle of feeding.
妳會覺得妳是一頭牛。不是那種可愛毛毛的動物園的牛喔。 是一隻大大,一直滴奶,站穩不動的牛。會感覺妳永遠一直都在餵小孩。隨,時,沒有休息、沒有停斷、沒有結束的感覺。就是一個不斷的連續、重複、不停的餵奶循環。

14. There will be times when you just want to give up, but then your baby will give
you this look, or smile, or even just let out a cute little fart, and you suddenly find the energy to continue on.

15. Breast milk tastes different depending on what you eat! Latte anyone?
母乳的味道會因為妳吃了什麼而改變味道。 有人要拿鐵嗎?

16. There’s a thing called “cluster feeding” where your baby will want to feed every hour or so. WHAT?!? It’s very normal and very annoying. There’ll be cries of “I JUST fed you!”, but it’s just your little one having a growth spurt…all this shall pass – just remember: you are your child’s buffet.

I have no idea how long I will breastfeed for and it’s great for all mothers to have so many options these days (breastfeed, pump, formula). There’s no right or wrong and just do what you can, and do what you think is best for you and your baby. So, to all the mothers out there, HANG IN THERE!